What affect will the General Election have on the market?

1:14 pm | Blog,News,Uncategorized | 20th January, 2015
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In May this year we will once again be heading for our local polling stations to vote in the general election. With the political outlook being uncertain this election could have a major impact on the property market in the UK.

The result of the election is obviously uncertain, but this years is especially hard to predict leaving many sellers and buyers unsure as to how to proceed, with many waiting until after the votes have been counted before making a decision.

This uncertainty may well see property prices falling slightly as people hold off on parting with their money until they know how the policies of the government in power will affect the property market.

However this initial uncertainty, prior to the election, will fade away and the market will almost certainly pick up once more, with fresh demand facilitating a healthy rate of growth. Many predictions say that following the election, price rises will be evident across the UK once again, which should last for several years.

Is 2015 the year you’re looking to buy or sell?

Does the General Election have any baring on your decision?

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