Tenant information for the Christmas period

Opening Hours

Friday 23rd December 9am – 3pm


Re open Tuesday 2nd January

Emergency Contacts over the Christmas Holidays – For Properties Managed by Crucible Sales and Lettings Only.

Please note that an emergency is classed as a fire, water leak, gas leak or electrical failure. If your issue is not classed as an emergency, you should wait until the office reopens to report the issue otherwise you could incur a call out charge from the contractor. For clarification of what would be considered an emergency please see below, this is not an extensive list. If you are unsure please call the contractor and they will advise you.

Water leaking through a ceiling – this will cause damage to the property.

No heating and hot water after checking the water pressure is at the correct level.

There has been an explosion, gas leak at the property.

You are locked out of your property.

Gas Leak

If you have a gas leak you must call the National Grid Emergency number on 0800111999. National Grid engineers will always ‘make safe’ when called to a suspected gas escape. If a gas leak is found, National Grid will shut the gas off,  to repair and reinstall all appliances please contact Re-Active on 07770401797 Glenn or 07968031772 David.

Boiler Issues/Lack of heating or hot water 

Please check the water pressure on the boiler when you have a loss of heating and hot water, to do this look for the pressure gage on the boiler. If this is below 1 bar then this is likely to be the cause of the problem.  If you google the make and model number of the boiler you will be able to find the user manual / instructions  on how to do this. If the issues persist please call Re-Active on the numbers above.

Water Leak 

Should you have a major water leak, please locate the mains water stop cock, usually in the cellar or in the kitchen, and turn the water off (this is usually clockwise) and then drain the system by running the taps into the sinks.

In exceptional circumstances, please contact Re-Active on 07770401797 Glenn or 07968031772 David. Please leave a voicemail stating your name, contact number and address, if this isn’t answered and Re-Active will call you back.

Electrical Failure

Please contact YDA Electrics on 07778866611 Jim.

Lock / Key issue 

Please note if you are locked out of your property you will need to call BL Locksmith (Brad) – 07584550933

Please advise you are a tenant with Crucible Sales and Lettings, if the issue is not down to tenant fault, the locksmith will invoice Crucible Sales and Letting, If the cause of the lockout is down to tenant fault (e.g. you have lost your keys, left keys inside the property) you will need to pay the locksmith direct at the time of the call out.


If your property is broken into, please call the police, they will attend to assess the situation, if boarding up is required, please call BL Locksmith BL Locksmith (Brad) – 07584550933

The property will then be made secure and you must inform Crucible Sales and Lettings as soon as the office reopens on the 2nd January 2018.




On behalf of everyone at Crucible we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year