Stamp Duty suspension to boost the market?

12:24 pm | News | 9th September, 2014

Would a suspension of stamp duty really make that much difference to the housing market?

It would appear so.

The last year-long stamp duty holiday saw property sales soar by 33 per cent according to figures provided by the Land Registry .

During the the 12 months after the suspension  in 2008 (on duty for sales up to £175,000), an extra 14,000 properties were sold in England and Wales than in the previous year.

What makes this fact even more surprising is that this surge of sales happened during a difficult time for the housing market following the crash of 2007.

The effect of a suspension would be most appreciated by first time buyers to whom not paying stamp duty could mean they can now afford to buy rather than continue to rent.

This of course then has a knock on effect for the rest of the property market as those looking to move up the ladder from their first home are much more likely to find a buyer themselves.

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