Simple advice to help sell your home

9:39 am | Blog,News | 8th April, 2015
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Simple advice to help sell your home

You’ve had valuations and chosen your preferred Estate Agent. The board is up and your property is on Rightmove and Zoopla. Surely now it’s just a case of waiting for the offers to come rolling in, simple as that.

No matter how good your Estate Agent is at taking photo’s and writing beautiful descriptions there’s still some work on your part to ensure that any potential buyers see your property at it’s best.

This may be just a few simple cosmetic improvements but it is definitely worth spending some time looking for some the less appealing aspects of your home as you can be sure that your viewers will be.

Unintentionally deterring a buyer is easily done, remember that you’ve probably become used to some of the minor flaws in your property to such an extent that you barely notice them anymore. Unfortunately your potential buyer will on the look out for just this sort of thing and if they’re not completely put off by them you can be sure they will use them as a method of forcing the price down.

Below are our top four areas you should look out for if you’re viewers aren’t making any offers.


You’ve been meaning to weed the path for ages, the gutters are still overflowing with what looks like some kind of scientific experiment gone wrong and your hedges are now large and wild enough to build a tree house in.

Imagine how your viewer feels as they pull up to the front of the house they hope may be ‘the one’ only to find it looks like it’s was abandoned years ago. Even if the inside of your property is a real treat they will not be able to get that first image of your house out of there minds.

If you’ve got the inside looking great why would leave the face of your property in a state that may well put off your viewer before they’ve put the handbrake on.


Whilst your entire house should be clean and tidy a well presented, clean bathroom is an absolute must and can go a long way towards persuading your viewer to offer. Don’t worry if your suite is a little old, the single most important thing is how you present it.

Make sure your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, put our clean fresh towels and ensure any used toiletries are disposed of to make what is often the smallest room in the house, feel much less cluttered.

Basically make your bathroom look and smell as good as you can.


Your house may well be clean and tidy but your viewers need to be able to see it to appreciate it.

Make sure you rooms are well lit even if the viewing is during the day. This doesn’t mean you need to hire a set of 20 million candle power spotlights; it may just be something as simple as a well positioned lamp in the lounge that makes it feel homely and cosy.


OK, it doesn’t have to be coffee but do make sure your entire house smells pleasant. This isn’t a license to make your viewers pass out from over perfumed air fresheners, but you’d be surprised how much a bad smell can put people off even the most attractive home. No matter how appealing your property is, it simply won’t sell if the buyers’ sense of smell is overwhelmed by wet dog, blocked drains or sweaty trainers.

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