Pension Pot Landlords

11:06 am | Blog,Landlords,News | 20th March, 2015

This could be a very interesting year for buy to let and property investment.

In April this year a new legislation comes into practice enabling people to draw down their pension pot in one lump sum. This would enable them to take control of their own pension pot investment, giving them a pocket full of cash to do what they want with.

Its estimated 200,000 people will draw down their pension in the first year from next month, and it appears that around 32,000 of these people are planning to invest in property of some kind.

These investors are likely to be one off landlords, never having owned investment property before they are likely to buy just one property and seek a nice steady investment, seeking growing value as their buy to let mortgage reduces( if they need a mortgage at all). This is exactly the same sort of strategy used by many new landlords. It’s a bit scary at first, but with the right help and guidance it will work.

Unlike many experienced landlords with a portfolio of investment property, these new property landlords seeking to buy one or two properties are likely to need more help and assistance from an experienced buy to let agency such as Crucible sales and lettings, where they can receive expert advice before they even buy a property, ensuring that they buy the right property for their circumstances in the right area.

Sheffield and Rotherham have vibrant buy to let markets with high demand for rental properties across both regions.

So if this sounds like you and you are interested in investing in property in Sheffield or Rotherham, get in contact with Crucible Sales and Lettings as soon as you can, even before you buy a property for no obligation help and assistance to help you not make any expensive mistakes!

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Phil Price - Crucible Sales & Lettings
Phil Price Crucible Sales & Lettings