New Caretaker At Dun Works

2:51 pm | Blog | 1st November, 2018


Meet Jim, our new caretaker and handyman at Dun Works.

Jim has been doing an amazing job over the last few weeks looking after all our resident’s needs – and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.

Not only is he friendly and approachable but he goes above and beyond to make sure all the tenants have the best service possible and are happy in their new homes.

If you rent with us and had a repair need in your home, Jim will organise and arrange access to your apartment so a contractor can attend and fix the problem as fast as possible.

And, if you’re not in – don’t worry, as with your permission he can let the contractor in, and will wait with them until the work is done.

Not only this but Jim is always happy to sign, store and deliver parcels to your door that arrive on site. And, because he wants to make our residents as content as possible, he makes sure the buildings and communal spaces always look their best.

So, if you haven’t had chance to meet Jim yet – head on down. He’s on site within working hours all week and he may even treat you to a cuppa and biscuit.