Meet our amazing apprentices

2:44 pm | News | 8th March, 2017

In April last year we teamed up with the careers service at Ecclesfield High School to talk to young people about pursuing an apprenticeship with us. We were delighted to take on Megan and Leyla in August 2016 and since then they have been working hard to develop their skills and forge a future for themselves in the property industry.

Alongside working full-time in our Chapeltown and Hillsborough branches, Megan and Leyla are balancing their time with completing work for their Business Administration Qualification. So far they have submitted a range of modules on diary systems, industry policies and office professionalism, and over the course of two years they will receive an accredited qualification.

Going straight from school into a professional working environment is one of the biggest challenges and learning curves for apprentices. But eight months on you would never know that our apprentices, who are both full of enthusiasm, confidence and expertise, have only recently finished school.

Megan particularly enjoys the responsibility of working in a team.

“It helps you develop a new working attitude instead of a school attitude and I like knowing that what you do each day has a huge impact for everyone in the company, and the people you’re helping.”

Megan Revill – Chapeltown Branch

Leyla enjoys developing brand new skills and loves the supported aspects of the apprenticeship.

“I knew nothing about houses and selling until I started working here – sometimes you don’t realise how many great things you’ve been achieving and learning until it’s pointed out to you and then you feel amazing.”

Leyla Kelly – Hillsborough Branch

Both our apprentices feel like they’ve matured quickly and have loved being able to soak up all the knowledge of their experienced colleagues. And we can’t deny the positive impact that Megan and Leyla have in our branches – they’re keeping us all young!

Our Managing Director Phil has also been really impressed with how quickly they’re both developing.

“Helping to shape the rest of Megan and Leyla’s lives is an enormous responsibility but they’re already proving themselves as valuable members of the team and that is amazing to see. I’m incredibly proud of them both.”

For anyone considering taking an apprenticeship then Megan and Leyla’s advice is, go for it! If you feel unsure about whether it’s the right choice for you then our apprentice stars are more than happy to share their experiences.

Pop into our branches any time for a brew and a chat and you could start to change your life too!