“It’s a really good way of getting on the property ladder.”

10:32 am | Uncategorized | 1st May, 2019

New homeowner and engineer Oliver had been on the hunt for his own place for years but couldn’t afford a deposit by himself. That when he turned to Shared Ownership as an affordable way onto the property ladder, and now after two years of paying both rent and mortgage, owns 100% of his flat.

“I’d wanted to buy my own place for a while, but I couldn’t get a mortgage for a whole house by myself. That’s why shared ownership seemed like a good way of getting my foot on the property ladder. I also really liked that over time, when I could afford it, I would be able to buy more shares.

“I didn’t know too much about shared ownership before the process. Everyone was helpful and took the time to explain all the little details, so I felt confident that it was for me.

“It was quite an easy process, and everything seemed straight forward when it came to the sale. The hardest thing for me was the application processes and waiting for surveys to be done – but I think that’s the same with any property you buy.

“Over a couple of years of paying rent and my mortgage – which was a manageable amount – I had saved up enough to buy the remainder of the house which I was really excited about. It feels fantastic coming home each day to my very own front door.

“I really would recommend Shared Ownership – it’s a fantastic way of getting a foot on the property ladder and getting a mortgage started.”

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