“I moved to Dun Works as I thought it would be the perfect base for me to do my work – and I was right!”

1:55 pm | Blog | 3rd July, 2019

We’re really proud of our apartments at Dun Works, as a lot of time, effort, planning and love has gone in to building them. We’ve all worked really hard to make sure that our tenants have the best experience living there – so it’s nice to hear our tenants love them too!

Alex moved into a one bedroom apartment in December last year, as he felt it was the perfect location for his business. Since moving he’s been really enjoying Kelham Island life since then.

What attracted you to Dun Works?

It was mainly the location. I thought Kelham Island would be good for the business I am in – and I was right! It’s a fantastic spot as I can work from home and then nip out to local cafes for meetings.

What’s your favourite thing about the apartments?

Jim! Not only is on hand to help you when you need something, and to take in your parcels but he’s great to just have a conversation with. I also just really love the location. It has great access to all of Sheffield.

Was the area a deciding factor on choosing Dun Works?

Yes, just because there is a lot of upcoming stuff about Kelham and loads of activities happening. It’s just a really exciting time to be around the area and I wanted to be part of it.

What do you like about living in Kelham?

Everything! The night life is great – I could spend a lot of time in Cutlery Works and Church. My favourite place at the moment has to be Cutlery Works – the food, drink and atmosphere is just unreal!

Why would recommend Dun Works?

It’s just a great place to live. During the whole process and even after, Kelly has been a massive help.