Government to enter the Housing Market?

1:27 pm | News | 4th December, 2014
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Government to enter the Housing Market?

The government’s recent announcement regarding their potential plans to directly commission homebuilding on state-owned land are very radical.

The last time that anything like this occured was shortly after World War II when huge social housing schemes were seen as the way forward.

Indeed it is at an old RAF base in Northstowe, where they plan to trial an initiative to build 10,000 new homes directly commissioned by the state on this government owned land.

The plan is to bring in construction companies and get them to build the houses that the government will sell them off themselves. Typically, the government would sell off the land to the private sector get and leave them to get on with developing it.

However, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, who made the recent announcement – says he is frustrated by how long it takes the developers to complete the builds. Hence him wanting the government to bypass this part of the process entirely.

With over 200,000 homes reportedly required this initial trial will be but a drop in the ocean. However it does point the way to a more efficient new homes policy.

We love to know your thoughts on this issue. Are the government right to intervene? Will this trial be a success?

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