Getting around in Rawmarsh

In the heart of Rawmarsh, these Shared Ownership homes are in the perfect location for all modes of transport. Whether you’re a keen walker, love to cycle or, prefer using the buses, trams, trains or your car – you’ll have no trouble exploring the area.

Best walking routes

Park Gate Circular – 9.5 miles/moderate walking route/starting point: Greasbrough Road. This walk is with the Rotherham Metro Ramblers. For more information call the group on 07835 476 124.

Rotherham Rotary Roundwalk – Starting point: All Saint’ Square, Rotherham. A long distance walk that’s a circuit of the town from the centre to Wentworth in the north, Wickersley in the east and Whiston in the south. It’s a great chance to take in some of the scenery around Rotherham.

Roman Ridge – a bit further a field but well worth a visit as this walk takes in more than a thousand years of local history! To get here, you can use public transport – call 01709 515151 for up to date times – cycle or drive!

Rosehill Victoria Gardens – Closer to home, Rosehill Victoria Gardens is perfect if you are just wanting somewhere to enjoy the afternoon sun, play with the kids or walk the dog. From The Bellows it is a 20 minutes walk or 14 minutes if you catch the 218 bus.


Find the timetable for buses in Rawmarsh here.

To get to Rotherham Town Centre, you would need to catch either the 8, 8a, 9, 22, 22c, 22x or the 221 from Stocks Lane. It takes roughly 15 minutes and buses run every 30 minutes.

To get to Parkgate, you can get the 8, 8a, 9, 22a, 22c, 22x, 218, 218a or the 221. It takes 11 minutes to get there and buses run every 4 minutes.

See the map below.

Getting to Sheffield City Centre via train– Catch the 22x or 221 from Stocks Lane to the station. Trains usually run every 20 minutes and the journey will take just under an hour.

Getting to Sheffield City Centre via bus/ Tram Train – Catch the 8a or 22x from Stocks Lane to Rotherham Station and then take the Tram Train. Journey time is roughly 55 minutes.

Getting to Meadowhall – Catch the 8a, 22x then the Tram Train which takes about 36 minutes. Catch the 9, 22x, 221 and then the train which takes about 38 minutes or catch the 8a, 22a, 22c, 22x, 221 then the X1 Steel Link, x10 or x78 which takes roughly 42 minutes.

Nearest bus station from The Bellows

Stocks Lane (0.2 miles) – 3 minute walk.

Nearest Train station

Rotherham Central (2.2 miles) – 40 minute walk, 9 minute car ride & 16 minute bus journey.

Nearest Tram (Tram Train)

Parkgate Tram Train (1.6 miles) – 28 minute walk, 15 minute bus journey & 6 minute car ride.

What’s nearby?

Parkgate Shopping – 14 minutes away on public transport

Asda – 8 minutes away on public transport

Lloyds Pharmacy – 7 minute walk

Green Lane News – 6 minute walk

Parkgate Football Club – 9 minute walk

Rawmarsh Community Library – 7 minute walk

Rawmarsh Health Centre – 7 minute walk


Below is a selection of the schools in the area.

Rawmarsh Community School

  • 13 minute walk
  • 2 minute car journey
  • 5 minute bike ride.

Rawmarsh Community School is an 11-16 comprehensive school serving 981 students. They place a strong emphasis on achievement and attainment and their core business is learning; learning is measured at examination.

Rawmarsh Ryecroft Infant School

  • 18 minute walk
  • 6 minute cycle
  • 13 minute bus ride (9 or 218)
  • 4 minute car journey.

An Infant School who welcomes pupils from the age of 4+ as they start school until the age of 7 when children transfer to the next phase of their education. 

Rawmarsh Thorogate School

  • 3 minute car journey
  • 23 minute walk
  • 15 minute bus ride (22a,22c)
  • 8 minute cycle.

A one form entry school with seven classes – starting with Foundation Stage 2 and finishing with Year 6.

St Joseph’s Catholic School

  • 2 minute cycle
  • 7 minute walk
  • 3 minute bus ride (9)
  • 2 minute drive.

St Joseph’s Primary School is a Roman Catholic, Voluntary Aided School for pupils aged four to eleven years.

Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary

  • 26 minute walk
  • 10 minute bus ride (9 0r 218)
  • 5 minute car journey
  • 6 minute cycle.

Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School is a warm and friendly school with a family atmosphere. The children are at the very heart of everything they do.

Clifton Community School

  • 16 minute cycle
  • 47 minute walk
  • 41 minute bus ride (9,218, 114,115 & 116)
  • 10 minute car journey.

Clifton Community School is an 11-16 comprehensive school serving over 1000 students.

St Pius Catholic High School

  • 7 minute car journey
  • 19 minute bus ride (22c)
  • 57 minute walk
  • 21 minute cycle.

Although a slightly smaller secondary school, they ensure their students feel safe and cared for. This is reflected in their school motto: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.

Some handy tips for parents about children walking to school

Tip 1: It’s a good idea to evaluate the distance to the school, the availability of pavements and street lights, the type of area (do people look out for one another?), whether the roads are busy and the local street safety measures.

Tip 2: What is your child’s maturity level? Consider your child’s ability to follow directions, be sensible and be streetwise. Do they know who and when to ask for help? Are they savvy about stranger danger?

Tip 3: YouGov reports that the average age at which Britons say that a child is fine to walk to school unaccompanied by an adult is 10 – however it almost goes without saying that not all 10-year-olds are the same! So parents are advised to use their own judgement when it comes to thinking about the maturity level of their own children.

Remind your child to:

  • Stick to well-travelled streets, use the same route every day and avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, car parks or alleyways.
  • Carry backpacks and bags close to their body, not dangling by the straps.
  • Put their purse or wallet in an inside coat or front trouser pocket, not a back pocket.
  • Don’t wear movement restricting shoes or clothing.
  • Cross streets only at safe points i.e. at zebra crossings; never enter streets from between parked cars or from behind shrubbery.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street. “Stop. Look. Listen. Live.”
  • Walk — don’t run — across crossings, and only when the man is green.
  • Switch direction or cross the street if they think someone is following them or if they feel unsafe. Walk towards an open shop, restaurant or yell for help.
  • Be aware of strangers. If a stranger approaches, tell a teacher, the head teacher or another trusted adult.

For more advice about safe walking for children, visit this page on the website.