Three is the magic number . . .

1:30 pm | Uncategorized | 7th February, 2018

 Three is the magic number

Choosing three agents to value your home will start your property journey off on the right foot, giving you a whole host of information to help you make the right choices.

We know it can be tempting to get one valuation to speed things up, but the best option for you might not necessarily be the first valuation you get. And it can lead to disappointments later down the line.

A more informed valuation process will definitely help you make the right long-term decision and best of all – valuations are completely free. Having several will give you the chance to get a real sense of the companies you could be selling one of your biggest assets with.

Even if you’re experienced with the process of selling properties, all agents offer something different and it’s always good to scope out the market for any new options that might be up your street:

  1. Valuation estimations

Having three agents means you’ll get a cross range of opinions on price. For example, some agents may value your home deliberately high to win your custom and some may value it low for a quick sale.


With a range of valuations you will be able to match your expectations with the advice of experts.


  1. Trust

Having a real sense of integrity is a quality we pride ourselves on at Crucible Sales and Lettings. Inviting several valuers to provide a valuation will give you chance to decide which agent you’re happy to trust with one of your biggest assets.


  1. Differing marketing packages and styles

Approaches to marketing homes are different depending on each agent. You’ll be able to find out more about what agents offer at a valuation.

  1. Varied fee structures

Having options regarding fee payments can be the difference between being able to sell or not. It’s worth finding out which agents offer upfront fees vs deferred fees to see is this can help you.


  1. Office location

Do you want to be able to meet a real person and pop into an office for reassurance and guidance whilst you’re selling your home? Maybe you’re happy to sell your home without face-to-face human interaction? Either way, it’s always good to investigate options you may have overlooked to see if it suits you.


If you are thinking of selling your home then complete our valuation form and one of our experience and knowledgeable team will give you a call