The Internet & Estate Agents

Many estate agents will remember the pre-internet era when selling a house involved sticking a three inch photograph onto a type written page, while describing the living room as ‘25’ x 13’, twin aspect, triple power points, double radiator.’


Now, it’s all about using phrases like ‘a slice of English history’ and ‘oozing charm and character’ to ensure our properties stand out from the hundreds fighting for an increased click-through rate online.


As estate agents, we haven’t been trained in marketing, copy writing or photography – it’s something we’ve had to learn on the job, motivated by the urgency to have our properties seen online and to inspire people to click onto our client’s home.


Before the internet was just a glint in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye, marketing a property and your agency involved an advert in the local paper, or a conversation at the nineteenth hole – life was simple. Nowadays marketing has so many different channels; it’s not just social media but website conversion, emails, blogging and more.


We need to remember that things are never going to go back to the way they were. Most agents barely use print advertising at all now. And, although direct mail is still effective response rates have not been above 1% for some years, making it expensive and time-consuming.


On top of that, when you get the instruction, vendors usually won’t accept the same property details that five years ago would have been the ‘bee’s knees’.  Now, because of the age we are in, they prefer to have glossy, multi-page, designed ‘brochures’ – simply put, something that makes them go wow.


What most of us still possess, is the ability to talk to people, understand their needs and concerns and provide the best solutions for them.


Many of us have chosen this profession because we want to help people through an experience that can be one of the most stressful events in their life.


As estate agents, not only do we enjoy and value being part of the community but we’re fascinated by human nature and have a detailed knowledge of every property transaction in our area since we first uttered the phrase ‘perfect for a first time buyer’.


The agent that utilises their pre-existing skills, harnessing them alongside the marketing power of the internet will have an unbeatable recipe for success.

Why go Hyperoptic?

For Dun Works we’ve built our own new network, designed for the needs of the 21st century. Our fibre optic cables go all the way to your building, delivering the fastest broadband in the UK – there’s no other broadband quite like it.

What’s even better is, you’ll not have the hassle of contacting the supplier, arranging appointments for engineers to visit and taking time out of your schedule to meet the engineers for the installation – we’ve already done all this for you.

Hyperoptic is already installed at every apartment at Dun Works so you can get connected within 15 minutes of receiving your keys.

With download speeds 21 times faster than the UK’s average broadband* speed, Hyperoptic gives you true hyperfast full fibre broadband.

Why not check the speed at to see for yourself what’s available at Dun Works in comparison to your current broadband.

Here’s what our tenant have to say… 

“I was  glad that I was able to connect to the Internet on my move-in day without any hassle as the hub was already installed.

“Actually, I have been very jealous of my friend who uses Hyperoptic and had never had a chance to have a contract with them because they were not available in my previous flats.

“They are cheap compared to other competitors and offer good quality broadband services. I am very happy with the broadband in my flat”. -Sooji