Should estate agents be more involved in the local community?

1:58 pm | Blog,In The Community,News | 24th September, 2015

Historically, estate agents have been given a bad name. Often, the criticism has been unwarranted but what can be done to change this perception?

A recent poll suggested that only politicians and journalists are trusted less than estate agents. A worrying sign when you consider that buying or selling a property can be for many people one of the most important, not to mention stressful, times in their lives.

Do estate agents do enough to change this perception?

As a local independent estate agent Crucible Sales & Lettings recognise that we have a social responsibility to our community and strive to give back whenever we can. Whether it be sponsorship of the local school fete during the summer and at Christmas or our continued support and sponsorship of the Handsworth Girl’s Football Club, Thorncliffe Cricket Club and Tinsley Park Golf Club, all of whom have enjoyed great success in recent years.

Most recently we held a Community Fun Day at Thorncliffe Cricket Club in Chapeltown. The event was really well received by the local community who turned out in droves. A number of local independent businesses got involved in what turned out to be a great day for everyone who attended. We also raised £1,250 for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, helped to promote the local cricket club, and really gave the people of Chapeltown something to talk about and enjoy.

For us, not only do these sponsorships really help the local community and raises our profile as an estate agent who gives back but it also, slowly but surely, changes the perception of estate agents. Hopefully, trust is gained from potential customers who begin to see that estate agents do want to make a difference and that we do want to be a valued part of the community.

Having a local branch is also an integral part of being involved in the community. The age old saying that ‘people buy people’ is never truer than in the case of an estate agent. Having a local presence is one of the many benefits which online agents do not enjoy. It enables us to become more involved in our community and get to know the people we are working to help. Crucible Sales & Lettings have local offices in Sheffield and Rotherham and we have always encouraged our clients to come and see us in office.

It is vital that estate agents are in touch with the community they operate in. It is only by doing this that we build our client’s trust and in turn a successful business.