Tips for selling your home

Tips for selling your home

If you’re preparing to put your biggest asset up for sale, it’s important to remember that you’re now looking to appeal to the masses and not just yourself. While this could just mean a few straightforward adjustments to interior design specifications, it could also mean looking to tackle and those little jobs that just didn’t matter before. You can rest assured these annoying bits of DIY are likely to put a potential buyer off.

When it comes down to trying to second guess a buyer, it can be really frustrating not knowing exactly what they are looking for. But it’s critical to identify what could potentially cause your home to struggle to sell. I’m not necessarily referring to your questionable choice of decor either! In fact, it’s usually things that you just don’t notice, particularly for someone who has lived there a long time.

Here are a few things you should consider before it’s too late and potential buyers start turning your property down.

Unclean Bathrooms

Potential buyers are always eager to explore bathrooms as these are a highly cherished area of any property as far as homeowners are concerned.

It may even be possible to sell a property based entirely on the opinion of the bathroom, or bathrooms if you’re lucky enough to have more than one. Unfortunately, bathrooms are also susceptible to mildew and dirt, so it’s vital that you check it over more than once just to be sure of its cleanliness.

Spend plenty of time cleaning your bathroom if necessary, replacing used towels, toiletries and perhaps a new rug. Keep the air circulating and fresh by opening a window before potential buyers arrive.

Perhaps change the shower curtain and put up a cabinet to hide the ever growing number of products.

Not Enough Light

If you have spent loads of time making everything as tidy as possible, don’t waste all that effort by forgetting to incorporate lighting into your home. It’s quite easy for any room to lose its spacious appeal and character as a result of possessing very little light.

While you might be keen to keep lights off to help save the planet, this is one of those occasions where taking full advantage of all your light sources is essential. Go around the house and turn on the lamps that make your property feel a little more homely.

If you’re property has a noticeably consistent darker theme, such as darker wallpaper, it’s vital that you use lighting to bring the room to life and enhance its spaciousness. No one wants to live in a house that’s cramped, dark and cluttered.

Bad Odours

It doesn’t matter how attractive your property is to the eye, it won’t sell if the buyers’ senses pick up a particularly unpleasant odour anywhere throughout the home. Buyers will be put off instantaneously if they notice a distinct smell of damp, mould or mildew. But this can also extend to cooking smells and animals, think ahead, if your having viewers this evening, do you really want smoked kippers for tea?

The problem is that we tend to get used to certain smells, so much so that we completely forget they are there and they may only be brought up when someone visits or when your home is viewed for the first time.

Use the opinion of someone who doesn’t live with you to determine whether or not the property possesses any unpleasant odours. If there is a whiff in the air, don’t be offended, simply identify the cause of the problem and get rid of it prior to any visit from a potential buyer.

The odd jobs

If you trusted the person who was honest over the smell, ask them to do a room by room check off list. Detail the small jobs that need fixing. The cracked tile in the kitchen, the strip of skirting board you were always going to replace, the curtain rail that needs fixing etc. whilst these annoying little jobs seem like a lot of effort they could be the difference of thousands of pounds and help make that all important sale.

Kerb Appeal

Your property will be seen 24/7 on the Internet and most estate agents will use the front shot. The picture is usually taken from the road to capture the full front view. So make sure it’s the best photo it can possibly be. Cut back the hedges, paint the front door, gates or fence, create a welcoming approach. The last thing you need is to secure a viewing who drives away without getting to appreciate all the hard work it took to get the inside looking just right

These are some of the most important obstacles to tackle prior to selling your home, so take them into account and you’ll have no problem finding a buyer!