Our fantastic apprentices take on full-time roles

11:16 am | Blog | 20th September, 2018

In April last year we teamed up with the careers service at Ecclesfield High School to talk to young people about pursuing an apprenticeship with us. After fantastic interviews, Megan and Leyla joined our team and over the past two years have been working hard to develop their skills – forging a future for themselves in the property industry.

Throughout their apprenticeship Megan and Leyla were taught skills in both business administration and customer service from the expert team at Crucible alongside completing work for their Business Administration Qualification.

After two years of hard work both Megan and Leyla were successful in gaining full-time, permanent roles with us here at Crucible, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Megan has taken on the role of Business Support Officer – a brand new position to the company – whilst Leyla is now a Property Consultant.

Going straight into a working environment is a big challenge and learning curve after finishing high school, but both Megan and Leyla have been full of confidence and enthusiasm and have developed a world of knowledge about the property industry.

Megan Revill said: “For me an apprenticeship was the right route. Although I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have the college experience, coming in to the work environment has really helped me mature. I’ve been able to work with adults, make new friends and see things from a different perspective.

“I’m grateful that my apprenticeship has been with Crucible. I really believe in their values and I think it’s fantastic that they do work so closely with the community. At Crucible it’s all about building lasting relationships with your vendors and clients.

“I’m really excited to be starting a permanent role with Crucible. Throughout my apprenticeship it’s been amazing to not only be working as part of a team but seeing how passionate they are about what they do.”

Leyla Kelly added: “I would really recommend apprenticeships. For people like me who can struggle to listen in lessons and don’t like to be in classrooms, being able to learn in a more hands on environment is great. It means whilst you are getting qualifications, you are also getting taught how to do the job.

“My new role as Property Consultant means I’ll be focusing on booking valuations, generating business and letting properties.

“Being in the work environment has really helped me grow. At Crucible we aren’t just a team but a big family. Everyone enjoys coming to work, and each morning I wake up and I am raring to go. My apprenticeship at Crucible was the right decision for me and now I can’t think of anything else I would rather do.”