The importance of property inspections

12:18 pm | Blog,Landlords,News,Tenants | 26th February, 2015

The importance of property inspections

This house in Telford was left in a disgusting state with hundreds of empty glass bottles, food packaging and food waste. The pile is thought to have been building up for the entirety of the tenancy meaning there was several years worth of rubbish in the property.

After hours and hours of cleaning the floor can finally be seen again and the house is now ready for a new, hopefully tidier, tenant.

The landlord has now decided to bring in a local letting agent to help look after the property going forward in an attempt to ensure this never happens again.

From the pictures I would say this was one of the worst cases I have seen for a long time and highlights the importance of regular inspections of rental properties to stop this sort of problem reaching this sort of level.

Whether you are a ‘hands on’ landlord or the type that prefers a lettings agent to manage your property, it is vital that inspections are not forgotten. The results of ignoring them can be very costly and take up a lot of your time.

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