10 apps for the property lovers

3:34 pm | Blog | 17th May, 2016

Whether you are thinking of buying, selling, renovating or want to know what’s nearby, check out these handy must have apps for the property enthusiast!


Zoopla & Rightmove

For snaring the right property before anyone else gets their hands on it, you need to be alerted before the competition. Zoopla & Rightmove are must-have apps that offer comprehensive listings, as well as local information and property history.


MagicPlan is for anyone who wants to take control of a renovation project without losing their sanity. The app uses the iPad or iPhone’s built-in camera, GPS and compass to let you map out a floor plan. But it does need patience to get used to.

 DIY Flooring Designer

Costs can rapidly accrue if you guesstimate the amount of wood you need for a new floor. So the DIY Flooring Designer is worth investing in. It allows you to choose from all manner of strangely shaped room templates or spaces (rooms are rarely just rectangles) and then customise it before making any calculations

Sun seeker

Are you house-hunting and want to bag a garden bathed in morning sun? Sun Seeker is your tool. This easy-to-use app will show you which way the property faces and where the sun will hit at any time of the day. It features maps and, if you pay for the augmented version, 3D visuals

Property Network

Not every app offers a hi‑tech solution. This free app helps you to share your findings with others, and see what they have found. There are details of more than 600,000 properties. However smart your phone is, house-hunting is ultimately about people.

ihandy level

This is the solution for those liable to get into rows when hanging pictures. Grab your iPad. Don’t hit your dearest over the head with it. Use this spirit level app instead: just place it on the top of the picture and it shows you how far out you are


If you are the notebook sort, you’ll enjoy Paper by FiftyThree Inc. It gives you five tools to work with, a blank canvas, and the ability to create endless sketchbooks to store and file diagrams, doodles and ideas

Around Me

Once you have established your new area is crime-free, you need to know where your nearest hospital is and where to get petrol. Around Me gives an area overview. It also has listings and reviews of restaurants and hotels.

How Your House Works

This app is subtitled A Homeowner’s Visual Guide to Home Repair and Maintenance. It provides an anatomy of the building many of us pay others to fix without really understanding what they are doing. Plumbing, electrics, heating and maintenance tips are all here

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